Tenergy Biotech in Taiwan

We provide Chinese healthcare products that suit the needs of busy people who are unable to obtain well balanced diets.With the Chinese Five-Element harmony in mind, our packaging materials are environmentally, friendly. On our package, we also try to convey the importance of the heart, soul and body. Our products are in its purest form and can replenish the nutrition the body needs.

We have product series which give you the best nutrition from Chinese herbal. You can click the name of product to take a look.

  • Woman Care
  • LOHAS Drink
  • Functional Snack
    • Herbal wholegrain Biscuit:We use more than ten types of grains in our products. According to nutritionists, 40% of our daily intake should be grains.We use unsalted natural butter from milk that originates from New Zealand. No shortening or artificial butter is used.
    • Herbal Jelly:We have jelly which made by herbal ingredient. And we have two flavor: Lutein(Vegetarian), Gua-lu(non-vegetarian).

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